Submission Guidelines

General Submission Policies | Article Structure | Submission and Publication Workflow

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General Submission Policies

  • The manuscript is submitted online via the CUJ journal platform
  • The text is written in its entirety by an undergraduate student
  • Submissions are not published elsewhere or cannot be under consideration for publication with another journal
  • Submissions fall within the scope of the BA in Communication Studies
  • Manuscripts are original and authentic
  • All citations and references adhere to the Harvard citation style
  • DCU's academic integrity protocols were followed
  • Manuscripts are published open access under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Creative Commons license

Article Structure

  • Submissions are limited to 10,000 words, excluding in-text citations, footnotes, and references (or bibliography)
  • Publications adhere to the Harvard citation style
  • Submissions are written in English, using 11-point Calibri font and single line spacing (justified)
  • Sections headings adhere to 14-point Calibri font; sub-headings adhere to 12-point Calibri font
  • Submissions include a title, using 16-point Calibri font centered at the top on the first page
  • Submissions include a descriptive abstract situating the paper's argument, methods, and conclusion (100-250 words)
  • Submissions include a maximum of six keywords after the abstract: keywords to be as specific as possible to accurately represent the submission content

Submission and Publication Workflow