About the Journal

Focus and Scope | Benefits for Student Authors

The Communications Undergraduate Journal (CUJ) provides a platform for undergraduate students in Communication Studies at the School of Communications at Dublin City University to publish exemplary work in a broad spectrum of media and communication studies.

Focus and Scope

The works selected and reviewed for inclusion by the editorial board cut across a range of inter-disciplinary fields including (new) media studies, media history, journalism studies, science communication, political communication, social media studies, film and television studies, music industry studies, advertising, cultural studies and others.

CUJ articles are well-written manuscripts whose purpose it is to inform and support the teaching and learning effort of academic staff and students, as well as showcase the BA in Communication Studies degree programme. Works include critical essays, creative writing, visual/practical pieces, as well as adaptations of final-year projects, among other contributions.

Benefits for Student Authors

  • Contributing to your field of study
  • Honing your analytical skills
  • Improving the quality of your writing
  • Gaining experience with the process of scholarly communication and academic publishing
  • Learning to revise your work in response to constructive feedback
  • Preparing for graduate school
  • Gaining transferable skills (e.g. communication skills)